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Familial Pancreatic Cancer & Surveillance

If you have a strong family history of pancreatic cancer (2 or more family members, one of who is a parent, sibling or child) and you are interested in surveillance for this disease, please call (206) 685-2847 or email us at

Palladin Gene Testing
If you are contacting us regarding palladin gene testing, please be aware that this test is not yet available for clinical use. Stay tuned for future information regarding this test. Palladin gene testing might be appropriate for families with 2 or more members with pancreatic cancer. Click here to learn more about genetic testing.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

If you are interested in treatment for pancreatic cancer and would like to see an oncologist, please call the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at
(206) 288-7222. Ask for the Pancreatic Cancer Clinic.

General Information

For general questions about pancreatic cancer (nutrition, treatment options, centers of treatment near your hometown), please contact the
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan).
Phone: (877) 272-6226 | Website:

Make a Donation

Click here to learn more about how you can support the continuation of this important work. To speak with someone directly about your giving opportunities, please contact the UW Foundation at: Toll Free: 1-877-UW-Gifts (Giving Related) or by email. You can also make an on-line donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Research Fund.

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