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Molecular Markers Predictive of Chemotherapy Response in Colorectal Cancer »
Study results from Dr. William Grady.
Current Gastroenterology Reports. February 2015.
Dr. Jasmine Zia Among 14 Researchers to Win 2015 UW Innovation Awards »
Congratulations to Dr. Jasmine Zia, one of 14 researchers across the UW campus to receive this year's UW Innovation Awards. Dr. Zia is part of a team of six researchers building tools for use on a mobile device that let patients easily enter data about their habits and behaviors related to a particular health problem. These data will help extend the reach of health care beyond the clinic, making it easier for physicians to make diagnoses and treatment plans.
UW Today. February 2015.
Yuck Factor, Yes, But Stool’s Medical Impact Could Be Huge »
Dr. Christina Surawicz, an early advocate of stool transplants (fecal microbiota transplantation), discusses the procedure's extraordinary success and impact.
UW Health Sciences News Beat. February 2015.
Prevalence and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in the US Department of Veterans Affairs »
A review from Dr. George Ioannou.
Epidemiologic Reviews. January 2015.
Clostridium Difficile Infection: Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Management »
An opinion statement from Dr. Christina Surawicz.
Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology. January 2015.
Loving-Kindness Meditation and the Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions Among Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder »
Study results from Dr. David Kearney.
Digestive Diseases and Sciences. December 2014.
Biologics in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis – Comparative Safety and Efficacy of TNF-α Antagonists »
Study results from Drs. Rebecca Fausel and Anita Afzali.
Therapeutics and Clincial Risk Management. December 2014.
UWGI Faculty Present Research at AIBD 2014 »
Our IBD specialists attended and presented five research abstracts at the 2014 Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (AIBD) event, a clinical and research conference sponsored by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. AIBD is dedicated to the interests of the entire community of IBD patients.
AIBD 2014. December 2014.
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory and Antiplatelet Drugs and Risk of GI Bleeding: Don't Forget the Colon »
Editorial by Dr. Lisa Strate.
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. December 2014.
The Molecular Pathogenesis of Colorectal Cancer and Its Potential Application to Colorectal Cancer Screening »
Study results from Dr. William Grady.
Digestive Diseases and Sciences. December 2014.
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Cause Dissolution of Cholesterol Crystals and Disperse Kupffer Cell Crown-Like Structures During Resolution of NASH »
Study results from Dr. George Ioannou.
The Journal of Lipid Research. December 2014.
UWGI Faculty Author Book Chapters in GI/Liver Secrets Plus, 5th Edition »
Drs. Stephen Vindigni and Christina Surawicz co-authored the chapter “Colitis: Pseudomembranous, Microscopic, and Radiation;” Drs. Cynthia Ko and Sum Lee, wrote the chapter “Gallbladder Diseases: Stones Crystals and Sludge;” and Dr. Lisa Strate wrote the chapter “Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage”.
Elsevier. December 2014.
Optimizing Adequacy of Bowel Cleansing for Colonoscopy »
New recommendations from the US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer, co-authored by Dr. Jason Dominitz.
Gastroenterology. December 2014.
Role of Endoscopy in Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease & Chronic Ulcerative Colitis »
Book chapter by Drs. Stephen Vindigni, Anand Singla, and Scott Lee.
Endoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. December 2014.
Bowel Preparation: Is Fair Good Enough? »
Editorial by Drs. Peter Liang and Jason Dominitz.
American Journal of Gastroenterology. November 2014.
Congratulations to Drs. John Inadomi and Michael Saunders, Recipients of a 2014 UW Medicine Cares Award »
The UW Medicine Cares Award was established in 2013 to formally recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and excellence of those in the UW Medicine community who consistently exemplify the UW Medicine Service Culture Guidelines.
UW Medical Center Recognition Program. November 2014.
Dr. Christina Surawicz Recieves Inspirational Physician Award from the AMA »
The Inspirational Physician Award program is designed to recognize physicians who have contributed to the achievements of women in the medical profession..
American Medical Association - Women Physicians Section. September 2014.
9 UWGI Faculty Make Seattle Met's Top Doctors 2014 List »
Congratulations to Drs. Teresa Brentnall, William Grady, Joo Ha Hwang, John Inadomi, Scott Lee, Michael Saunders (Seattle Met & Seattle Magazine), Michael Schuffler, and Christina Surawicz for making this year's Seattle Met list.
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. August 2014.
Dr. Michael Saunders Named in Seattle Magazine's Top Docs 2014 »
Congratulations to Dr. Michael Saunders, who appears in Seattle Magazine's Top Doctors 2014 list. A physician at our UW Medical Center location, Dr. Saunders is noted for his expertise in endoscopic ultrasound; pancreaticobiliary endoscopy, resection and ablation of early gastrointestinal cancers.
Seattle Magazine. June 2014.
Tailoring Colonoscopic Screening to Individual Risk »
Editorial by Dr. Jason Dominitz.
Gastroenterology. June 2014.
Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) »
Update by Drs. Elizabeth Broussard and Christina Surawicz.
WGO Handbook on Gut Microbes. May 2014.
Stool DNA and Colorectal-Cancer Screening »
Editorial by Dr. Jason Dominitz.
New England Journal of Medicine. April 2014.
Avoiding Burnout: Finding Balance Between Work and Everything Else »
J. Edward Berk Distinguished Lecture, by Dr. Christina Surawicz.
American Journal of Gastroenterology. April 2014.
Can Computerized Brain Training Games Be Used to Identify Early Cognitive Impairment in Cirrhosis? »
Study results from Drs. Mark Derleth, Lei Yu and George Ioannou.
American Journal of Gastroenterology. February 2014.
Forecast: Rough Seas for Leukemia »
A scientific review by Dr. David Hockenbery.
Cancer Discovery. February 2014.
Clostridium Difficile Infection in the Elderly »
A practice review by Dr. Christina Surawicz et al.
Clinics in Geriatric Medicine. February 2014.
Association Between H. pylori and Barrett's Esophagus, Erosive Esophagitis & Gastroesophageal Reflux Symptoms »
Study Results from Dr. John Inadomi et al.
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. February 2014.
Physical Activity, Maternal Metabolic Measures, and the Incidence of Gallbladder Sludge or Stones During Pregnancy »
Study Results from Dr. Cynthia Ko et al.
American Journal of Perinatology. January 2014.
Dietary Fat and Protein Intake Are Not Associated With Incident Biliary Sludge and Stones During Pregnancy »
Study Results from Drs. Lisa Mathew and Cynthia Ko.
Journal of Perenteral & Enteral Nutrition. January 2014.
Epigenetic Biomarkers in Esophageal Cancer »
Study Results from Drs. Andrew Kaz and William Grady.
Cancer Letters. January 2014.
Patterns of DNA Methylation in the Normal Colon »
Study Results from Dr. Andrew Kaz et al.
Epigenetics. January 2014.
Molecular Alterations and Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer »
A scientific review from Dr. William Grady.
Cancer Letters. January 2014.
Management of End-stage Liver Disease »
Practice update from Dr. Iris Liou.
Toxicologic Pathology. January 2014.
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